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Condor Visual Media
Video Production • Photography

Condor Visual Media logo.

Founded and operated by

Andrew James Pittman & Lisset Valencia-Pittman.

Condor Visual Media LLC is a San Diego-based digital video and photo production company. We are a Native American family business with over a decade of content creation experience.

We use digital storytelling to bring people and communities together. Sharing stories, we believe, inspires, strengthens, and promotes healthy relationships.


Your story matters to us and the rest of the world. Are you prepared to share it in an original way?


Contact us today to begin working on your next photo or video project.

General Inquiries

Explore our other Initiatives

Levi Hill and Kiara Flores smiling hosts of Tribal Nation News


MAATHAAW The Fire Within Us film logo

MAATHAAW: The Fire Within Us

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Launched in 2023, TNN is an independent News reporting platform specifically focused on the Tribal Nations and people of The Southern California Region. All content will be shared via Youtube.

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Upcoming Indigenous-led research feature-length film that documents the cultural, emotional, and scientific relationships of Southern California Tribes with the gift of fire. Emphasizing a reclamation of traditional ways to inform current fire management practices, this effort will bring Indigenous voices to the forefront and acknowledge their leadership in climate adaptation and resilience.

Camera Operator


Asst. Director

Sound Technician

Andrew Pittman

Andrew is Cahuilla and Ipai Kumeyaay. He is a member of the Los Coyotes Band of Indians in San Diego, California. Andrew has a passion for storytelling with over 10 years experience in video production.

Lisset Pittman

Lisset's family is from Queretaro, Mexico. She was born in Riverside and grew up in Temecula, California. Lisset has over 10 years experience in photography.

Harrison Whitecloud

Harrison is Ipai Kumeyaay and Otoe Missouria. He is a member of the Barona Band of Mission Indians in San Diego California. Harrison is over 5 years experienced, and dedicated to the art of music production, sound recording, and sound design.

Tribal Nations News


Levi Anthony Hill

I am proud member of the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel, and studied media in

the form of broadcasting at Palomar University where I graduated with two

associates. In my media experience I bring the knowledge of script writing, as well as extended

study in news broadcasting.

Honorary Members

Joaquin Pittman

Joaquin is Cahuilla and Ipai Kumeyaay. He is a member of the Los Coyotes Band of Indians. Joaquin is an unlisted co-founder of the business and loves snacks.

Theodore Campbell

Theodore is Cahuilla and Ipai Kumeyaay. He is a member of the Los Coyotes Band of Indians. Theodore began working with us in 2018. He was a hard worker and enjoyed learning and meeting new people.

Rest in Peace cousin.

6/21/02 - 9/14/21

John Pavlovich

John is Cahuilla and Ipai Kumeyaay. He is a member of the Los Coyotes Band of Indians. John began working with us in 2017. He has an interest in photography and has a keen eye, which is why he is now in the US Air Force.

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